Sunday, February 8, 2009

10 people signed up, already!!!

So far we have 10+ crafters/artists signed up to send in promotional samples for these bags!  How exciting!  Please feel free to check out the folks with ads to the right, all of those people are sending in promo items for our first vegan sample bag!!!!!
So, what is next?  Well I need to get my bootie movin and start sewing all of the reusable grocery bags together, and getting them ready!  We are hoping to have enough samples for 50 bags the first time around, so that means I have some sewing on my hands.  
What else could you ask for, all vegan samples from many different shops, and to top it off a nice reusable grocery tote!
Thats all the update I have for now
Oh yeah and check us out on myspace
Everyone who sends in samples will also be put on our top friends on myspace to gain exposure that way too!!  Email me with any questions.

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