Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moodstone Ring Caught My Eye With this Indie Jewelry Artisan on Etsy!

The Jewelry Pitt may be new to etsy, but is certainly not new to jewelry making! With a degree in Jewelry Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, they already have experience under their little ole belt!

When I was seaching around etsy the other morning the Rainbow Moodstone Ring caught my eye, so I included it in a treasury that I did that day. But, my interest in the ring didnt just stop with the treasury, I have been looking at the ring just about everyday admiring it. Now, I feel that since I cant wear the ring (chubby fingers) I will share it with everyone here!

The Jewelry Pitt is just starting out on etsy, and still filling up their shop, but you dont want to miss out on this shop. Heart them and stop back often, as they plan to add new designs regularly!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get Retro. Go Vegan, Look Fancy, Glass Pearl Necklace

Metal Cloth N Wood caught my eye with this glass pearl beaded collar, at first I didnt even realize that it wasnt attached to the shirt itself. Such a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perfect gifts for the earthy writer types!

This is It! Creations makes some wonderful items for any party or event. If you are interested in handmade, eco friendly, beautiful papercrafts, this is the shop for you! It is party season, what better way to get ready?

You can assure a good time at your event and have a fancy eco friendly guestbook for everyone to sign when they arrive.

Hand them their own personal eco journal adorned with a cute little recycled thank you tag

After the big day you can have a nice relaxing afternoon filling up your photo album with memories of your big party!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What do vegans and the cookie monster have in common?

Our sweet tooth!!! In fact, is it strange to admit that I have an entire mouth full of sweet teeth?

Sweet Fritsy sells all sorts of goodies to soothe your ache for yummy sweetness!

Cookies, cupcakes, truffles, muffins, chocolates, lollipops, and some little mint chocolates that I cant wait to try!

Sweet Fritsy is a member of Vegan Etsy Team and has a sale going on this weekend!

Receive a free homemade vegan rice crispy treat AND a free sample of homemade vegan caramel popcorn with ANY order this weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

baby bloomers, dog fashion, and sweet little dresses for girls!

Earth Groovz makes some of the cutest little dresses for your little ones using earth friendly fabrics and organics!

They take special orders if you see an item you want, but want it in one of their other fabrics.

Earth Groovz is a proud member of Vegan Etsy Team

Earth Groovz also creates cute doggy bandanas that are super easy to use and look great! I have 3 of their adorable bandanas for my pups and they look so cute!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank you card, note card, old fart card, any card!

My Zoetrope sells some of the cutest little cards that I have seen on etsy!

Whether you need a card for a certain superhero you know,

that sassy friend who loves burlesque,

your good ole dad who is still rockin the mustache,

or just a cute set of cards to make you giggle!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pamper yourself with Daisy Wares heavenly vegan bath and body

Revitalize your face with a clay facial mask from Daisy Wares.

While you are waiting for your mask to harden, hop into the shower with one of Daisy Wares chocolate coconut bars of soap, yummmm.

Step out of the shower to a hydrating Shae butter body cream, great for dry cracked skin, and a smooth silky feeling all over.

Grab your favorite flavor of vegan lip balm and you are set for the day!

Daisy Wares sells a wide array of handmade bath and body items and gives 10% of sales to The Animal Place

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nature Captured Without Cruelty

3Am Art shows that you can admire and appreciate the beauty of nature and its beings without capturing and exploiting them, in these gorgeous photos. Adorn your house with beautiful butterflies and bees without hurting a single one!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vegan food safe lead free pottery dishes AND they are cute to boot!

Looking to spoil yourself? Just buy your first home and want nothing but the best? Are you vegan and P-R-O-U-D? Vegan Dish makes some super awesome food safe and lead free pottery. I contacted vegan dish a month or so ago when we were moving into our new apartment, I wanted something fabulous and vegan!

Wake up to a big cuppa tea

Dont forget the raw sugar and vegan creamer!

I generally use my tea to wash down a delicious vegan muffin! Yummm

Vegan dish also runs a little pottery shop full of handmade functional ceramics at Vessels and Wares

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stray Array with Late July Photography a Vegan Animal Lover

Abused and forgotten their entire lives, then put into a rescue or shelter. Now they become glamorous models for Late July and strut their stuff in front of the camera!

Late July captures these little creatures and shares a glimpse at their lives, and gives a good look into their eyes.

Late July donates 35% of sales to Canine Rescue

Monday, May 11, 2009

Starry Starry Starrlight Stitch

Who says knitting has to be boring and drab! These stitch markers not only hold your place, but they add a hint of beauty to knitting.

No more tying a piece of yarn around your needle to keep your count, once you get your knitting paws on some of Starrlight Jewelry's starry starry stitch holders!

Love Starrlights shop? Swing on over to Holistically Heather's Blog Giveaways to enter a giveaway for a $15 gift voucher to Starrlight Jewelry!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's all that HOOTin' and Hollerin?

I was diddling around on etsy today instead of cleaning the house and getting some sewing done(as always). When I found this super cute pouch by DangArgyle

Their shop is chock full of cute little pouches with animals on them!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pick the best name for our site and win a FREE sample bag!

Win a FREE vegan craft sample bag by posting a comment in this blog entry! What kind of comment, you ask....Well we are looking for a catchy name for our website/blog. Vegan craft samples is rather boring, and doesnt catch peoples eye. So here is what you do
Make only 1 post, so make sure its the very best name you can think of
Then after I stop accepting posts, I will choose the winning name....whoever is chosen will win a free vegan craft sample bag!
When thinking up a name please keep in mind:

All samples are vegan, but we want people to be open minded and possibly check us out and check out vegan stuff!

We want something that draws attention, something catchy (but not like cooties)

Something we can come up with cute little phrases for ads from is even better!

Have fun and be creative, good luck!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monsters dont have to be scary!

Panda with cookie has a shop full of monsters, but there is one main difference from normal monsters...these ones dont give you nightmares!

They are so worried they are going to scare away friends, that they have both gone incognito!

If you are still scared of the evil monsters under your bed, I assure you...stringing some of these little guys around your room will keep the hairy scary ones at bay!
Panda With Cookie is a proud member of Vegan Etsy Team and Etsy Veg!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Show off exactly how you feel about animals with this cute little conversation starter!

Bold and blunt this bag will let everyone in the grocery line know exactly how you feel about animals and how they are treated.

Black tote bag with long handles. It is decorated with a poignant collage of pictures and words. The top part shows pictures of dead carcasses with words such as 'slaughter' 'heart disease' anti- meat words. The bottom part has colourful pictures of fruit and veg with words related to veganism and cruely free. In the middle there are pictures of daisies and the wording 'the choice is yours'. A very poignant message in words and pictures. The image is printed onto banner fabric. It is edged with black satin ribbon.

Veganessa also has another shop, Midnight Rabbits(which gives 100% of the stores profits to animal charities), is a member of Vegan Etsy Team, and also participated in our first Vegan Sample Bag!

Vegan Craft Samples August 2009

We have sold all but 5 of our vegan craft sample bags, raising over $100 for For The Animals Sanctuary! If you havnt ordered your bag, now is the time, we only have a few left.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Now it is time to start getting crafters/artists together who would like to be in the second bag! The second round of vegan craft samples will go on sale August 16th, and all samples are due to me by July 30th. If you are interested in being in the next bag, please email me at Many people who dont have small items, or items they can make into sample sizes send in business cards and coupons or gift certificates as well. If you need help coming up with ideas for samples, I am sure we can brainstorm!

Voting has begun for the next sanctuary to receive our donation, please check out our blog and vote!

We recently added a project wonderful ad section to our blog, if you are interested in advertising on the vegan samples blog, it is cheap and easy! We are always willing to trade ad space with people as well, as long as your blog or website is vegan oriented!

Check us out online:



Vegan Samples Website




A big huge vegan thank you to all of the vegan etsy members who sent in items, blogged about us, spread the word, and helped us raise money for animals!

Friday, May 1, 2009

And the winner is.....

Today is the day, the winner of the Vegan Sample Bag Blog giveaway is......throuthehaze!!

Throuthehaze wins a free vegan craft sample bag, and we will be posting our new giveaway in the next few days!!!! You will have a couple months to get your entries in!