Friday, July 31, 2009

Vegan Face and Beauty by Bella Pure

Bella Pure recently sent me a couple of items for my face, to try out. If you are vegan and getting a little older, like I am, you know how hard it is to find good face care items.

I waited for a night that I really needed some pampering and was ready to try out my natural face serum and 2 in 1 eye and night creme. And oh what a day it was! After washing my face I applied the face serum, in circular upward motions, it felt very soothing and relaxing just before bed. I never even would have thought about it if the face serum didnt say "Dont help gravity by tugging down on your skin." I had a total "DUH" moment when I read that, seems so simple and obvious but I am so glad it stated "the obvious."

Jessi has very dark circles around her eyes, so much so that sometimes her eyes even ache...she just couldnt wait to try out the 2 in 1 eye and night creme! We both applied it on our lids and around our eyes before bed, it has a really smooth texture and felt rather soothing. What I really loved was that it didnt leave my skin all greasy and sticky, it went on smooth and absorbed into our tired skin. When we woke up the next morning I felt brighter, like my eyes were more alert even, and my face felt soft as a baby's booty! I think I am going to have to try out the facial firming serum when I get my birthday money!

Want to check out some of Bella Pure's items, they will be in the upcoming release of It's All In The Bag!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My birthday is coming and I am already shopping for myself on etsy!

Every year around this time I start to shop for myself online for my birthday. I have one of those families that gives money or gift cards, and since I dont shop at walmart or best buy, I choose the cash. Now it comes down to, what do I want to get for myself that I couldnt normally afford...So here's a list of this years dream birthday gifts!

This is such a cool idea, leave it to Vessels and Wares to come up with the perfect way to display your summer flowers!

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I LOVE GARLIC. I put garlic on everything, I would even try it on vegan ice cream!! So this garlic keeper from Vessels and Wares, would make the perfect gift for a gardenin', garlic lovin' gal like myself!

What kind of birthday would it be without some delicious truffles from Sweet Fritsy? These are seriously the best truffles that I have ever had, and I cant wait to get more.

I have had my eyes on this pair of shoes from Mohop for about a year now. Cute, stylish and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about these fabulous shoes! So versatile, these shoes come with 5 sets of ribbons that you choose, making it like buying 5 pair of new shoes! Not to mention the almost infinite ways you can tie these shoes, its like an entire shoe collection in one! What girl wouldnt want these for her birthday?

A nice new pair of earrings from Starrlight Jewelry is in my near future. A couple of months ago Starr and I did a trade, where I received the prettiest earrings. For once I can actually wear them without my ears hurting like crazy. Starr makes some really great jewelry and Ive done a handful of trades with her, but these earrings are by far my favorite!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Samples Came Rolling In, for It's All In The Bag

The samples are a flowin'! I went to the post yesterday morning, they are open for 2 hours on Saturday, and I wanted to make sure that if someone sent something kind of melty that it wouldnt sit there all weekend. I got 3 boxes in the mail yesterday, all of them with cool different items.

The first box I tore into was from Camille Wanders, they sent in cute little organic hand dyed pouches, very cool and well made!

Bella Pure's box was next, I opened it to find samples of facial moisturizing night creme, vegan of course, and even a bag of items for me to try and review! Our very first submission for review on this blog! It's easy, send in any item you would like me to review, my mailing address is on the sidebar! So far so good with the items she sent me for review, keep your eyes peeled this coming week. My skin is super sensative and it is loving Bella Pure so far!

Last but not least at all are Veganessas awesome felt pouches, they are all so cute. Some have little animals, some have sayings, some are circles some are squares. Very creative and cute! Jessi still uses hers from the last round of sample bags!

The bags will go on sale August 16th and they will be AWESOME! 100% of profits from the sale of the August bags will go to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. Please if you havnt signed up to be in our holiday bag, swing by our website and check it out, we will me donating 100% to a sanctuary, and we have an anonymous donor that is willing to match whatever we raise! Promote your craft around the world, while helping animals!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle, all over town after eating a huge vegan dinner!

Today's search for an awesome etsy item was far too easy, I searched VeganEtsy Team, and one of the first things that popped up, I LOVE! First of all, if you know me, you know that I love bikes, I ride mine everywhere that I go. In fact, I like them so much that I have not 1 but 2 bicycle related tattoos! Ok Ok so what did I find?

A bike print bag set by Vegancraftastic and it is so awesome! What would I put in the bags if they were mine? First of all I would put my knitting in the larger bag, and some cash in the little pouch....then I'd hop on my bike and ride down to the coffee shop for some knittin' 'N' tea sippin'!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Holiday Indie Craft Sample Bags, Promote Your Craft Worldwide, Help Animals

It is time to start thinking about advertising your shop for the holidays, and what a better way to do it than "It's All In The Bag"

What is all in the bag, you might ask. Well we take craft samples from crafters around the world, put them in handmade market totes, and sell them online, worldwide! When you send in your crafts, they are seen by people from the United States to Israel and in between. What is different about these sample bags, other than the reusable market totes that they come in? 100% of profits from each bag go to an animal sanctuary which is voted for, right here in this very blog!

When you send in samples to be in our bags, your ad will appear on our blog and website, along with a photo of your samples on our website- for the entire process of that bag from the time people start signing up until the last bag is sold!

How well do the bags sell? We sold over half of our first round of bags in the first few hours, and it didnt take very long for the bags to sell out completely!

The holiday is special, first because its the holiday bag so people will be eagerly checking out all of the shops that send in samples, looking for holiday gifts. Secondly, we have an anonymous donor willing to match whatever we raise for the chosen holiday animal sanctuary!!! Which is very exciting and makes everything even more fun! We advertise on various websites, and I will be sending a couple of sample bags to different magazines, for reviews and possible press in print!
Read here what Starrlight Jewelry had to say about our bags!:

some of the benefits of submitting to these bags are:

1) reaching a target market you never though possible. While Vegans are Veggies are still a minority in this our numbers are growing.

2) Reviews on your product. For each round of sample bags there is a forum listing of each seller/ crafter who contributes to the bags. Everyone who purchases bags is welcome to leave a comment or review of the items they received from that seller.

3) Shop and product feature on the website blog - which has at the moment, 133 followers. The bags are also advertised by a large number of other sellers that contribute to the bags - myself included.

and more! My analytics account has shown a good deal of traffic to my shop from donating to the past (April) bags.
This is a wonderful advertisement opportunity for compassionate crafters.

Interested in what customers are saying about these crafty sample bags? check out our flawless etsy feedback!

Interested in finding out more about our crafty bags? Please check out our FAQ section on our website, you can also sign up right on our website with our simple sign up link!
Get in the bag, and get the word out there about your shop!! All while helping animals.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Looking for a laugh, something to cheer me up, on a gloomy miserable day!

It is raining outside, again, we still havnt had a summer, and now I am having problems with my jaw. Who knows what it could be, but I am in P-A-I-N. So this morning I woke up, tried to eat some breakfast (my mouth barely opens) and now I am looking for funny shops to cheer me up! First thing I found while looking on Artfire was this funny little magnet, says it all about sisterhood!

This magnet really gave me a giggle so I decided to check out the rest of picardcreative's shop, and there are so many funny creative magnets that it was hard to choose which ones to include in this post!!

Also known as chub rub, this one just makes me laugh out loud!

This one really reminds me of my grandmother, she says shes too old for things she doesnt want to do, then the fun stuff....shes the perfect age for!!

Mommy Dearest! When I was young and my mother would yell at me, I would call her mommy dearest! I always loved that movie, and NO MORE WIRE HANGERSS! I used to try to get my mom to say it, then I would laugh and laugh and laugh, then rewind the movie and watch that part again and again!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's so chilly in Ny that I've got lip balm on my mind!

Apparently here in the frozen tundra of Upstate NY, we wont be getting a summer this year! It has been cold and rainy, and well, just darn right miserable! As I write this I am wearing jeans and a sweater, on July 14th! What do I think of when I think of cold weather? I think of lip balm and moisturizing my kisser. Upon searching etsy, I have found some lip balms that are in need of trying!

The first shop I found offers "vegan lip sauce" haha what a creative name, made by Kennycoop Kennycoop offers a wide array of lip balms, along with candles and soy tarts.

I had the privilege of trading with Dirty Loves Clean , and let me tell you their mint chocolate is delicious, more ended up in my tummy than on my lips!

A while back I received some lip balm from Daisy Wares, it was the vanilla, and it was so nice for my tired dried out lips (winter in good ole NY), and it tasted great to boot!

Now I am not just your regular old lip balm lover, I make my own little slice of heaven too! Mine is made with all organic,vegan ingredients, and is more along the lines of a cure for chapped lips with peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Now is the time to prepare for winter, and have as many tubes and tins of chap stick laying around as possible, so you can lean over at any time and get a taste!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beautiful Indigo Necklace To Brighten Up A Gloomy Summer Day!

I was looking on etsy for something to cheer me up this morning and did a search for VeganEtsy Team. The first item that popped up was this beautiful bright indigo necklace by Pink Bubble, and I absolutely love it! It kind of reminds me of the Native Jewelry that my father used to make, but a more modern take on it I suppose. Pink bubble really has a lot of cute things in their shop, worth a peek!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Search For Natural Vegan Soap without chemicals and fragrance oils

Today I was in search of true purely natural soap, and I happened upon Elegant Rose Boutique, where they sell natural soaps, that arent full of dyes and chemical fragrance oils! I cant wait to try these soaps out next time I am on a soap mission! Besides, who doesnt love soap that just so happens to smell like chocolate mint, without some fake scented garbage in it? I def. love minty chocolatey goodness!