Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bella Pure is pure magic for your lips!

Bella Pure recently sent us samples for our Holiday Sample Bag and included a sample just for me! What did I get? One of their new CoQ10 Vegan Lip Conditioners!

Of course I eagerly and liberally applied my new lip conditioning balm, and it went on so smooth and soft. No greasy feeling lips, they just feel smooth and soft, which is great as I ride my bike all winter and my lips turn into a mess!

I am stocking up now on great lip moisturizers and preparing for yet another wild bike riding winter in Upstate, NY, where the winter seems to last atleast 7 months of the year.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Veg News Magazine

Has anyone seen the new Veg News Magazine yet? Well when you pick one up and start perusing it, look out for Vegan Craft Samples/It's All In The Bag, and Vegan Etsy Team. I was interviewed not that long ago for the piece, and I am quoted in the article a couple of times, definately worth checking out!

With the sample bags sale date only 1 week away, people are rush shipping packages of beautiful samples to make it just in time! Here's what last week brought us! (sorry the blog has been so slow, things are crazy around here trying to sew up all the bags, yes thats right, I am Holistically Heather and I make all of the bags!)

Cellphone Charms from Ladies Blend

Earrings from Airport Love Story

Photographs from 3AM Art Productions

Earrings and Rings from Apache Moon/ Pointy Paws

Vegan Milk Baths/ Soaps from Osayin Holistics

Friday, October 9, 2009

Vegan Makeup and Dog Treats- Awesome, add em to the bag!

Eyeshadow and dog treats!

With the recent addition of dog treats from Stylin Pup Pillows, now even your puppy pals will be happy when you open up your bag from It's All In The Bag!

Do you wear makeup but you dont want to wear all the icky goupy stuff tested on animals, full of bear flesh or whatever is in that stuff? Pure Natural Minerals has sent in vegan eye shadow samples, a great alternative to the nasty stuff at the drug store! Each sample set comes with 3 different colors.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Strawberry Hedgehog A Cute Name With Super Cute Samples

I definitly love it when shops that participate in the sample bags send me a little sample of my own, it makes me feel appreciated, not to mention I have loved every single sample sent in!

Strawberry Hedgehog recently sent in their big box o' samples, with 2 heart soaps just for me. First of all, I love hearts, I have heart everything, even a couple of tattoos. Second, they smell great, I received one lavender and one eucalyptus-lime, so refreshing.

Who doesnt like a cute little soap next to the kitchen sink, so guests dont have to use dish soap?

I know that is right where our eucalyptus-lime will be going, and the lavender right in the bathroom next to all of our other handmade soaps from etsy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Teas the Season, pull up a chair and lets sip to stay warm!

The water is on, the fireplace is burning, lets sit down for a nice cup of hot tea with SBS Teas.

We recently received a big box of fragrant bliss from Sbs Teas, who sent in tea samples and reusable tea bags wrapped up in cloth and ribbon.

I try really hard to wait for the first day of sales to grab my bag of samples, but the teas are driving me wild, especially with this cold dreary New York weather!

Friday, October 2, 2009

So many samples, so little time!

The samples are starting to fill up my little crafting nook, add a new 3 package set to the crowd, that I received yesterday!

The first package I tore into was the samples from Friends For Life/Caspunky, which are super cute handmade greeting cards with animals. On the back there is information about the rising epidemic in our country with homeless animals, encouraging people to spay and neuter their critters. Sending out a message to adopt, is always well received when on super cute animal cards. Totally cool!

The next package I opened was from Vegancraftastic, a whole bunch of super cute fabric buttons with robots, squirrels, and hedgehogs to name a few. Each sample from Vegancraftastic also includes a coupon to their shop, perfect timing for holiday shopping. Who doesnt love a coupon?

Last but not least is the package from Jennifer Lynn Productions included in this package are some gorgeous photograph cards, these cards have high quality photographs on the front and are blank on the inside. If you are looking for a card for someone who appreciates art, these cards are perfect.

With each package that arrives at the post office I get more and more excited about the upcoming release of our holiday sample bags. When I think it cant get any better, something totally unique and out of the ordinary arrives. Keep checking back for more contributors, and remember, our holiday sample bags go on sale November 1, 2009, and they wont last long at all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Congratulations Jenna McKay you won our giveaway!

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