Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vegan Craft Samples- where have you been?

Things have been crazy around here! Between taking care of my grandmother, getting a full time job, and trying to do all the crafty fun stuff too....I have been lost in the shuffle for quite a while. I hope we didnt lose everyone who was reading our blog...tap tap, is this thing on?

Well to get this fire cooking, warm up our spirits and bodies and take a peek at a contributor to the first sample bag of the new year!

Warm up with a nice hot cup of tea from SBS Teas

100% profits from our January 2010 bags will go to Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Meet Bubba and Charlie, they've been together for years and are best of friends...making their home at Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Saturday, December 19, 2009

January 2010 Vegan Craft Sample Bag Contributors and Video

I just finished making our January 2010 video of Vegan Craft Sample Contributors!

Things around here are exciting as usual, with the new sample bags in the works, the giveaway going on for the new design on our bags and I got another day job. HAH the tangled webs we weave. The January bags are going to be limited edition/quantities so we are suggesting you get yours the day they go on sale (January 1st, 2010)

This blog has been super lacking lately, I am just a bit overwhelmed I suppose, please find us on facebook, twitter, and Ning as well as here!

I also changed our website back to the cow look, and I am interested in opinions...I am awful with computers so I did my best...would also like to change the blog back, but I have no clue how...anyone out there that can help me?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Win a Vegan Craft Sample Bag Design Our Logo

We are looking for the perfect logo for our bags, yes thats right we will be switching to premade bags, but to keep handmade alive we will be hand printing or stenciling a logo on each bag!

What does that mean for you?

Come up with a design for our logo, email it to us, and when we receive all of the entries we will have a vote on this very blog!

Here is some useful information when coming up with your design
Vegan Craft Samples
Its All In the Bag

both are titles of our bags,used together and interchangeably

100% profits go to animals ( would like to have that mentioned on the design if possible)

our web address

Those are the basics, go wild, run with it and have fun!

Please remember to email your design to

Good luck, the due date for the designs is December 20th

Please remember that if I do a stencil of the design it will be hand done, and if i screen print it it will also be hand done.....nothing too crazy hhah

Good luck!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Andy Eats Only Candy, Can You Blame Them?

Andy Eats Only Candy is a super cute shop that sent in hand screenprinted patches for our Holiday Vegan Craft Sample Bags. Upon further detective work I found a shop full of cute screenprinted items!

From handscreened fabric with pretty birds to handscreened plushies to super cute totes with bicycles screenprinted on them! (we all know how much I love bicycle items on etsy!)

So many cute items and guess what, all printed on recycled materials! That is a major plus with me, I love working with recycled fabrics and bringing them back, giving them a new life!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Compassionate Crafting With Starrlight Jewelry

One of the first packages we receive for the sample bags is always from Starrlight Jewelry, and with a smile on my face I tear into the package expecting greatness! Starr is also a member of Vegan Etsy Team and does a lot of the foot work for the team.

Starrlight Jewelry also donates a lot of time and pieces from their collection to animal charities and events, in addition to Vegan Craft Samples.

Starrlight keeps a blog where she has recently been posting about the 8 new rescued kitties she is sharing her love with and often has giveaways and offers for shoppers!

Starrlight has recently made a "customer appreciation" folder on her website and is offering up this great deal! "All my Customers Whom Submit a Customer Appreciation Photo Get A 10.00 Shop Gift Certificate ~OR~ 25% Off their next order from my shop.
To Submit a photo, email it to and include your Etsy account name or pm me on etsy and add it as an attachment."

You can even get a glimpse at my mug in her customer appreciation folder on her facebook!

Thanks a lot Starrlight Jewelry for all your hard work with the animals, your contributions time and again to Vegan Craft Samples and the love and work you put into Vegan Etsy Team !

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Youtube Video Promotion Of Vegan Craft Samples, etsy promotion!

I just finished putting this together, please leave comments, show love, and most importantly share with your friends and family! Our bags are on sale now, 100% profits go to help Peaceful Prairie Animal Sanctuary.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pamper Yourself With It's All In The Bag- Vegan Craft Samples

After a long weekend getting all of the sample bags ready, I am exhausted and really needed some pampering. So I reached into my Vegan Craft Sample bag and here is what I found....

First I pulled out my "sex on the beach" vegan candles from Wicks to Wax, and set them up all around the tub. Hey, I said I was going to pamper myself, didn't I? These candles actually smell! I have had so much trouble looking for vegan candles that give off scent, and the scent lasts too! Sex on the beach smells great, fresh and clean, it really set the mood for my bath.

Then I started the water, really hot because I need the heat to relax today, and poured in OSayin' Holisticsvegan milk bath, watching it dissolve as it hit the water. Put my tip toes in to test the temperature then laid right into the milky delight. The milk bath really added a nice touch to the water, I could feel how soft it was on my skin instantly.

Then came the time to wash up, and I reached right for my little slice of heaven from Heaven and Earth Essentials(I swear I thought of that analogy, typed it out, then realized I mentioned heaven when referring to their soap hah!). This little chunk of soap, is so pretty I hated to use it, but alas, what am I going to do stare at it for years to come? I love the light fragrance of this soap, and the dried herbs right in the bar, such a pretty touch.

What a nice long relaxing bath, and boy oh boy did I need it! I hopped out of the tub and tried my first of 5 new lip balms from Earth Natural Essentials, the orange. I love orange scent and orange flavored anything! A shop after my own heart, using hemp seed oil, this lip balm glides right on and has a wonderful orange-y scent!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

ON SALE NOW! Vegan Craft Sample Holiday Bags

100% profits to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary!

Due to a large response we are having 2 different sized bags this time, a regular and a large. The large contains 25+ samples and the regular contains the usual 17-20.

You can get your bag in the following places

There is an easy checkout cart in the right margin, through artfire (for the large bags)
Click above on HOME, and go to the order section of our website! You can choose the size bag you would like
Or finally, go to our Etsy where you can also buy either size!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bella Pure is pure magic for your lips!

Bella Pure recently sent us samples for our Holiday Sample Bag and included a sample just for me! What did I get? One of their new CoQ10 Vegan Lip Conditioners!

Of course I eagerly and liberally applied my new lip conditioning balm, and it went on so smooth and soft. No greasy feeling lips, they just feel smooth and soft, which is great as I ride my bike all winter and my lips turn into a mess!

I am stocking up now on great lip moisturizers and preparing for yet another wild bike riding winter in Upstate, NY, where the winter seems to last atleast 7 months of the year.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Veg News Magazine

Has anyone seen the new Veg News Magazine yet? Well when you pick one up and start perusing it, look out for Vegan Craft Samples/It's All In The Bag, and Vegan Etsy Team. I was interviewed not that long ago for the piece, and I am quoted in the article a couple of times, definately worth checking out!

With the sample bags sale date only 1 week away, people are rush shipping packages of beautiful samples to make it just in time! Here's what last week brought us! (sorry the blog has been so slow, things are crazy around here trying to sew up all the bags, yes thats right, I am Holistically Heather and I make all of the bags!)

Cellphone Charms from Ladies Blend

Earrings from Airport Love Story

Photographs from 3AM Art Productions

Earrings and Rings from Apache Moon/ Pointy Paws

Vegan Milk Baths/ Soaps from Osayin Holistics

Friday, October 9, 2009

Vegan Makeup and Dog Treats- Awesome, add em to the bag!

Eyeshadow and dog treats!

With the recent addition of dog treats from Stylin Pup Pillows, now even your puppy pals will be happy when you open up your bag from It's All In The Bag!

Do you wear makeup but you dont want to wear all the icky goupy stuff tested on animals, full of bear flesh or whatever is in that stuff? Pure Natural Minerals has sent in vegan eye shadow samples, a great alternative to the nasty stuff at the drug store! Each sample set comes with 3 different colors.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Strawberry Hedgehog A Cute Name With Super Cute Samples

I definitly love it when shops that participate in the sample bags send me a little sample of my own, it makes me feel appreciated, not to mention I have loved every single sample sent in!

Strawberry Hedgehog recently sent in their big box o' samples, with 2 heart soaps just for me. First of all, I love hearts, I have heart everything, even a couple of tattoos. Second, they smell great, I received one lavender and one eucalyptus-lime, so refreshing.

Who doesnt like a cute little soap next to the kitchen sink, so guests dont have to use dish soap?

I know that is right where our eucalyptus-lime will be going, and the lavender right in the bathroom next to all of our other handmade soaps from etsy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Teas the Season, pull up a chair and lets sip to stay warm!

The water is on, the fireplace is burning, lets sit down for a nice cup of hot tea with SBS Teas.

We recently received a big box of fragrant bliss from Sbs Teas, who sent in tea samples and reusable tea bags wrapped up in cloth and ribbon.

I try really hard to wait for the first day of sales to grab my bag of samples, but the teas are driving me wild, especially with this cold dreary New York weather!

Friday, October 2, 2009

So many samples, so little time!

The samples are starting to fill up my little crafting nook, add a new 3 package set to the crowd, that I received yesterday!

The first package I tore into was the samples from Friends For Life/Caspunky, which are super cute handmade greeting cards with animals. On the back there is information about the rising epidemic in our country with homeless animals, encouraging people to spay and neuter their critters. Sending out a message to adopt, is always well received when on super cute animal cards. Totally cool!

The next package I opened was from Vegancraftastic, a whole bunch of super cute fabric buttons with robots, squirrels, and hedgehogs to name a few. Each sample from Vegancraftastic also includes a coupon to their shop, perfect timing for holiday shopping. Who doesnt love a coupon?

Last but not least is the package from Jennifer Lynn Productions included in this package are some gorgeous photograph cards, these cards have high quality photographs on the front and are blank on the inside. If you are looking for a card for someone who appreciates art, these cards are perfect.

With each package that arrives at the post office I get more and more excited about the upcoming release of our holiday sample bags. When I think it cant get any better, something totally unique and out of the ordinary arrives. Keep checking back for more contributors, and remember, our holiday sample bags go on sale November 1, 2009, and they wont last long at all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Congratulations Jenna McKay you won our giveaway!

Please email me your information at
As the link to your blog doesnt have any information

you won!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fuzzy Umbrella, such a cute name for such cute cards!

Today we received samples from Fuzzy Umbrella, and they even included a card for me, which is ADORABLE!

After I read the attached note and checked out the super cute "Find Joy" card that they sent me, I just had to see what else they have to offer.

These cards go from cute to cuter, I cant wait to send mine to someone special for the holidays!

Are you sending the same boring old cards again this year? Check out Fuzzy Umbrella for some really cute original cards, stand out on the mantle!

Side note, I have put an extension on the due date for the samples for our holiday sample bags, so please, sign up if you are interested! This is a great opportunity to raise money for animals, and promote your handmade wares!

Only a couple days left to enter our giveaway for our last August 2009 sample bag!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dirty Ass Soaps- Keep Your bum clean with super creative soaps!

Last summer I met Ali from Dirty Ass Soaps, and almost immediately she presented me with a cute little oreo, a waffle, and a fried egg soap. I looked at these soaps in amazement, they look real!

So real, that I had my oreo on the kitchen sink and one of my friends said "Why is there an oreo on your sink, you still gonna eat that?"

So these soaps are adorable, right? Guess what, they are 100% vegan too!

The jaw dropping denture soaps remind me of my grandfather, and all the tricks he used to do with his. If he were still around, that would be his holiday gift for sure!

Whether you are a gamer or just a child of the 90's you will definately appreciate the Nintendo controller soap, it smells like Mountain Dew!! Get your gaming fix, and all while smelling like highschool again.

Upon talking with Ali I found out that she makes all of the molds herself, how cool is that? These soaps are so creative, and I am really happy to have Dirty Ass Soaps involved in our holiday sample bags! Check out our holiday bags, on sale mid November 2009!

Interested in submitting samples of your handmade items? Check out our website, and click the "get in the bag" link to sign up!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Giveaway Enter to win a bag full of vegan handmade samples from around the world

There is still time to enter our blog giveaway here, I will use a random number generator to select the winner in the beginning of October! So get your entries in now.
I would also like to announce that we have reached 35 contributors for our holiday bags and are still accepting more!

You can sign up to promote your shop in our holiday bags by going to our website and signing up under "get in the bag". Please also feel free to check out our FAQ, forum (where purchases can leave feedback for each individual shop), friends, press (reviews of our bags)
We would love to have some new handmade artisans involved, but time is running out to get into our huge holiday bags!

Be sure to check out our little interview in VegNews Magazine, which comes out at the beginning of October, perfect timing for a little extra press for our bags!
Followed by a giveaway of one of the holiday bags on their website.

This is really exciting, and a great opportunity to share our handmade goodies with people and encourage them to shop handmade!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Feet Happy Woman Review Of Joyful Feet from Naturally Me

Walk 10 miles in my shoes, or in no shoes at all, like I did last week.

My dogs were a barkin when I got home, and that's when I remembered the Joyful Feet Samples that Naturally Me sent in for our sample bags.

First I filled up a big plastic tub with hot water, added the fizzy foot soak, put my hands behind my head, leaned back and relaxed. The fizzy soak was definately fizzy and felt great on my tired, sore feet. I kept my feet in the tub until the water was too cold to tolerate and my tootsies were all shriveled.

I put away the naturally me foot scrub for the next few days when my feet would start to heal, crack and be a royal pain in the achilles. I started all over about 3 days later, with the tub of hot water, my handy dandy foot scrub, and a soft hemp washcloth. When I was done massaging and scrubbing my feet they felt soft and silky smooth again. Which trust me, was a huge improvement!

Happy feet=a happy woman! Cant afford to go get a pedi these days, you can do one right at home with Naturally Me's Joyful Feet!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heaven and Earth Essentials is Heaven on Earth!!

One of the contributors for our holiday sample bag sent me a bag for myself, and I am so happy they did. They handmade all of the bags for their samples out of cute fall themed fabrics, and tied them up all nice.

When I opened my bag I was so excited because not only did they come in a cute little bag, but there were 3 samples! The first sample I tried was the pumpkin lotion, which smells AMAZING, and doesnt leave my skin greasy. That is the test for me with lotions, I hate greasy lotions! This lotion goes on smooth and is absorbed into your cracked dry skin, very soothing and as I said it smells great! This pumpkin lotion fits perfectly in my craft fair apron and will be used over and over again as the weather gets colder.

The next sample that I tried was a soap sample, topped with dried herbs. The soap lathered up nicely (but not creepily nicely like some soap, where you have to wonder what is in it!)and smells great, a nice light scent that leaves your skin smelling soft and pretty.

Last, and DEFINATELY not least is the chocolate mousse bath cookie. After 3 days of craft fairs, outside in the cold and rain I was ready for a bath, I got the hot water running and put this little wafer in with me. Immediately the smell of chocolate (we all know I LOVE CHOCOLATE) began steaming about the bathroom as the little bath wafer started to melt. It was smooth and silky, and I rubbed it up and down my arms as it was melting. I layed back and enjoyed a soothing bath that lead me right to the freezer for a chocolate bar when I was done.

Heaven and Earth Essentials truly is Heaven on Earth and I cant wait to get a little money and pamper myself!

Interested in checking out one of our bags? We are having a giveaway for our last August 2009 sample bag, enter now!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Giveaway! Enter to win your very own It's All In The Bag- full of indie handmade samples from around the world!

What do you get when you take indie handmade samples from around the world, pair them up with 16-19 other samples and put them into handmade reusable market totes?

It's All In The Bag

I've been holding on to our very last August bag for the perfect time for a giveaway, and I think now is the time! Our August bags sold out so fast that I didn't even get time to do a giveaway, but hey that's a good thing, right?

With our holiday bags quickly approaching, and artisans signing up left and right, its time to give away 17-20 samples in a nice little bag!

Ok Ok quit rambling, how do I enter to win a bag?
There are quite a few ways to gain entries!

First, check out the current contributors section of our website, come back here and let us know about a shop you clicked on and your favorite item in their shop. That's easy enough, right?

How do I gain more than one entry? Well, here's a list of things to do that gain entries for a bag, please comment seperatly for each entry!

Follow us on twitter, and tweet about our giveaway

Become our fan on facebook

Place our ad on your blog or website

Blog about our giveaway

Sign up to be in our holiday bag, handmade artisans! It's a great way to advertise your shop and help animals! If you are already signed up, that counts too!

Pretty easy giveaway, good luck!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's All In The Bag- Vegan Craft Samples Reviewed By Sarah Kramer author of How It All Vegan series

Today we were reviewed by Sarah Kramer, author of the How It All Vegan cookbook series. You can check out the review on her website, or read it right here as I copy and paste it!

"I recently received a bag from Vegan Craft Samples. WHAT A FUN IDEA!! For $25 you get a cloth bag sent to you filled with vegan goodies from all different crafty vegan product makers. The best part is that 100% of the $$ goes to a different animal sanctuary each month! Each bag is unique and different containing 17-20 different samples!

I think my favourite item in the bag (besides a rad keychain from Vegan Dish) is the Girls are not Chicks colouring book. I can’t decide if I should keep that … or send it to my nephew and start his feminist brainwashing now!! :)

Check out Vegan Craft Samples HERE!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feeling Chatty on this lovely Sunday morning

So I have entered into the realm of Etsy Chat, and decided that I will feature an item from each shop in chat! So now is the time to peruse all the shops and find what I love from everyone! Hope you enjoy checking out these shops as much as I have.

What little one wouldnt love a ladybug purse from coocoos, so cute!

"Cherish the small things in life" bookmark from Freshline

Cute pink polka dot switch plate from Rathina

Sweet little hair bobby pins from Sugar Rain Drops

A cute owl necklace from Nature's Spirit

Well, I tried to get everyone, but people come and go so fast in chat, its practically here's just a little taste of what we have in Etsy Chat today!