Monday, October 26, 2009

Veg News Magazine

Has anyone seen the new Veg News Magazine yet? Well when you pick one up and start perusing it, look out for Vegan Craft Samples/It's All In The Bag, and Vegan Etsy Team. I was interviewed not that long ago for the piece, and I am quoted in the article a couple of times, definately worth checking out!

With the sample bags sale date only 1 week away, people are rush shipping packages of beautiful samples to make it just in time! Here's what last week brought us! (sorry the blog has been so slow, things are crazy around here trying to sew up all the bags, yes thats right, I am Holistically Heather and I make all of the bags!)

Cellphone Charms from Ladies Blend

Earrings from Airport Love Story

Photographs from 3AM Art Productions

Earrings and Rings from Apache Moon/ Pointy Paws

Vegan Milk Baths/ Soaps from Osayin Holistics

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  1. Thanks for posting vegan info. This is a site that I'm adding to my recommended list on my blog.
    Great work.