Friday, December 11, 2009

Win a Vegan Craft Sample Bag Design Our Logo

We are looking for the perfect logo for our bags, yes thats right we will be switching to premade bags, but to keep handmade alive we will be hand printing or stenciling a logo on each bag!

What does that mean for you?

Come up with a design for our logo, email it to us, and when we receive all of the entries we will have a vote on this very blog!

Here is some useful information when coming up with your design
Vegan Craft Samples
Its All In the Bag

both are titles of our bags,used together and interchangeably

100% profits go to animals ( would like to have that mentioned on the design if possible)

our web address

Those are the basics, go wild, run with it and have fun!

Please remember to email your design to

Good luck, the due date for the designs is December 20th

Please remember that if I do a stencil of the design it will be hand done, and if i screen print it it will also be hand done.....nothing too crazy hhah

Good luck!

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