Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review done by Bright Design

Bright Design posted this review of our bags on her blog today:

I got my Vegan Samples bag today! And it is the awesomest thing ever!!! First of all, my cool lil' tote bag has a LION on it. Can you believe it? A freakin' lion! How awesome is that? So awesome. The awesomest, even.

OK, then there's the contents. There are so many wonderful smelling things in it that I could smell them before I'd even gotten the box open. Inside, there were an unbelievable number of goodies - in the form both of samples, and of various coupons and special offers to be redeemed when visiting shops on Etsy and elsewhere.

What did the samples consist of? Soaps, earrings, pins, a fancy flower hair clip, a cool cuff, a lovely sachet, a great puppydog postcard, a cool little crocheted thingamabobber... pulling it all out was like digging into the seemingly endless well of a fantastic Magician's hat. Each item elicited a new "ooh" or "aah" or "yummy!" or "pretty!". Who was I talking to? Umm... well, myself. Whatever, you do it too.

For the variety of surprises alone, the bag was so totally worth the price! I'm just sad we have to wait until August for Sample Bag Numero Dos to appear. But never fear, it's already in the works!

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