Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review of For My Kids

This review was written by: Pink Bubble

In my bag, from For My Kids I got this neatly packaged All Natural Comfrey Salve whose little size is seriously deceiving. Packed inside is this delicious balm to heal all sorts of bumps, bruises and bites. It smells SO much more fresh and better then balm I've used in the past and goes easily onto the skin. One of the kids I nanny is always managing to jump off something and hurt herself and has in just the few days I've had it demanded I give her more of the "cool slippery stuff" to put on.
Not probably what it was originally intended for, but my hands get all (yuck) cut up and bleed from Buffalo's winters and have been this way for MONTHS with nothing helping. Within 24 hours and just using it about 4 times my hands are smooth and cut-free! A few of my bike riding friends keep swiping the container from me too- I'll have to stop by and pick up some more!

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