Sunday, June 14, 2009

In honor of our house warming, some great gifts for a party!

We had our house warming party yesterday and I guess I was totally oblivious to the fact that people would bring gifts. (thought I didn't mind one bit!) I have never been to a house warming party, and never had one before. We made tons of food, had a lot of laughs, and then we opened a big pile of gifts that friends and family brought us! Being that we are vegan, people sometimes find us hard to shop for. Someone even brought us organic basil seeds with a pot, which is right up our alley! Those who had no clue got us gift certificates to grocery stores, because if you know us, you know we love to eat!!! Here are a few great things that I found on etsy this morning, that I think are perfect for housewarming gifts.

Monkeys Always Look has some really cute containers full of all different plants. Plants are the perfect house warming gift because they brighten up any room and bring life to a new house!

This cute little photo frame made by,Monkey and Squirrel, is the perfect little gift for a new house. Wrap it up with a photo you already have, something special, or let them pick a photo that they want to display. Everyone loves picture frames, especially cute ones with birdies on them!

Make sure to have the new homeowners open this gift BEFORE the party starts! This teapot from Vessels and Wares is fun and functional. Perfect for the first get together, and the future parties that will come!

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