Saturday, June 27, 2009

So Fresh and So Clean Clean Handmade Vegan Soap on Etsy!

I decided that today is a soapy day, as I get ready for my craft fair (which I am totally not prepared for!), and its almost time to hop in the shower. I am always looking for new soapers to try out on etsy. I typed in vegan soap and of course 93489034802 items and shops came up.

Todays featured etsy seller, Amethyst Soap, caught my eye. The first soap I saw looked like a little maze from far away, and is chock full of wholesome ingredients, not a bunch of chemicals and animal yuck!

Amethyst Soaps handcrafts soaps that are a replica of mother nature, finding stones and trying to emulate them in their soap. These soaps turn out truly beautiful and rather impressive.


  1. those soaps are so beautiful! wow.

  2. I love this shop! I have bought several items from them, bu my favorite soap is the King's Ransom bar (top picture) Wonderful! :D