Thursday, November 5, 2009

Compassionate Crafting With Starrlight Jewelry

One of the first packages we receive for the sample bags is always from Starrlight Jewelry, and with a smile on my face I tear into the package expecting greatness! Starr is also a member of Vegan Etsy Team and does a lot of the foot work for the team.

Starrlight Jewelry also donates a lot of time and pieces from their collection to animal charities and events, in addition to Vegan Craft Samples.

Starrlight keeps a blog where she has recently been posting about the 8 new rescued kitties she is sharing her love with and often has giveaways and offers for shoppers!

Starrlight has recently made a "customer appreciation" folder on her website and is offering up this great deal! "All my Customers Whom Submit a Customer Appreciation Photo Get A 10.00 Shop Gift Certificate ~OR~ 25% Off their next order from my shop.
To Submit a photo, email it to and include your Etsy account name or pm me on etsy and add it as an attachment."

You can even get a glimpse at my mug in her customer appreciation folder on her facebook!

Thanks a lot Starrlight Jewelry for all your hard work with the animals, your contributions time and again to Vegan Craft Samples and the love and work you put into Vegan Etsy Team !

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