Monday, November 2, 2009

Pamper Yourself With It's All In The Bag- Vegan Craft Samples

After a long weekend getting all of the sample bags ready, I am exhausted and really needed some pampering. So I reached into my Vegan Craft Sample bag and here is what I found....

First I pulled out my "sex on the beach" vegan candles from Wicks to Wax, and set them up all around the tub. Hey, I said I was going to pamper myself, didn't I? These candles actually smell! I have had so much trouble looking for vegan candles that give off scent, and the scent lasts too! Sex on the beach smells great, fresh and clean, it really set the mood for my bath.

Then I started the water, really hot because I need the heat to relax today, and poured in OSayin' Holisticsvegan milk bath, watching it dissolve as it hit the water. Put my tip toes in to test the temperature then laid right into the milky delight. The milk bath really added a nice touch to the water, I could feel how soft it was on my skin instantly.

Then came the time to wash up, and I reached right for my little slice of heaven from Heaven and Earth Essentials(I swear I thought of that analogy, typed it out, then realized I mentioned heaven when referring to their soap hah!). This little chunk of soap, is so pretty I hated to use it, but alas, what am I going to do stare at it for years to come? I love the light fragrance of this soap, and the dried herbs right in the bar, such a pretty touch.

What a nice long relaxing bath, and boy oh boy did I need it! I hopped out of the tub and tried my first of 5 new lip balms from Earth Natural Essentials, the orange. I love orange scent and orange flavored anything! A shop after my own heart, using hemp seed oil, this lip balm glides right on and has a wonderful orange-y scent!

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