Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dirty Ass Soaps- Keep Your bum clean with super creative soaps!

Last summer I met Ali from Dirty Ass Soaps, and almost immediately she presented me with a cute little oreo, a waffle, and a fried egg soap. I looked at these soaps in amazement, they look real!

So real, that I had my oreo on the kitchen sink and one of my friends said "Why is there an oreo on your sink, you still gonna eat that?"

So these soaps are adorable, right? Guess what, they are 100% vegan too!

The jaw dropping denture soaps remind me of my grandfather, and all the tricks he used to do with his. If he were still around, that would be his holiday gift for sure!

Whether you are a gamer or just a child of the 90's you will definately appreciate the Nintendo controller soap, it smells like Mountain Dew!! Get your gaming fix, and all while smelling like highschool again.

Upon talking with Ali I found out that she makes all of the molds herself, how cool is that? These soaps are so creative, and I am really happy to have Dirty Ass Soaps involved in our holiday sample bags! Check out our holiday bags, on sale mid November 2009!

Interested in submitting samples of your handmade items? Check out our website, and click the "get in the bag" link to sign up!


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