Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heaven and Earth Essentials is Heaven on Earth!!

One of the contributors for our holiday sample bag sent me a bag for myself, and I am so happy they did. They handmade all of the bags for their samples out of cute fall themed fabrics, and tied them up all nice.

When I opened my bag I was so excited because not only did they come in a cute little bag, but there were 3 samples! The first sample I tried was the pumpkin lotion, which smells AMAZING, and doesnt leave my skin greasy. That is the test for me with lotions, I hate greasy lotions! This lotion goes on smooth and is absorbed into your cracked dry skin, very soothing and as I said it smells great! This pumpkin lotion fits perfectly in my craft fair apron and will be used over and over again as the weather gets colder.

The next sample that I tried was a soap sample, topped with dried herbs. The soap lathered up nicely (but not creepily nicely like some soap, where you have to wonder what is in it!)and smells great, a nice light scent that leaves your skin smelling soft and pretty.

Last, and DEFINATELY not least is the chocolate mousse bath cookie. After 3 days of craft fairs, outside in the cold and rain I was ready for a bath, I got the hot water running and put this little wafer in with me. Immediately the smell of chocolate (we all know I LOVE CHOCOLATE) began steaming about the bathroom as the little bath wafer started to melt. It was smooth and silky, and I rubbed it up and down my arms as it was melting. I layed back and enjoyed a soothing bath that lead me right to the freezer for a chocolate bar when I was done.

Heaven and Earth Essentials truly is Heaven on Earth and I cant wait to get a little money and pamper myself!

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  1. Wow! That's awesome! Not only is the bag pretty, but the goodies in it sound great!

  2. oh they are amazing, they really did a great job on their samples
    if everyone sends in amazing samples like this, the bags are going to be OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!

  3. Thank you for the compliments on our samples! I just wanted to let your readers know that the bath cookie to which you refer is called our "Tub Cake"--and they are a lot larger in full size. We not only offer them in our regular scents, but we also make them in cute shapes and scents for kids!

    Heaven and Earth Essentials