Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Feet Happy Woman Review Of Joyful Feet from Naturally Me

Walk 10 miles in my shoes, or in no shoes at all, like I did last week.

My dogs were a barkin when I got home, and that's when I remembered the Joyful Feet Samples that Naturally Me sent in for our sample bags.

First I filled up a big plastic tub with hot water, added the fizzy foot soak, put my hands behind my head, leaned back and relaxed. The fizzy soak was definately fizzy and felt great on my tired, sore feet. I kept my feet in the tub until the water was too cold to tolerate and my tootsies were all shriveled.

I put away the naturally me foot scrub for the next few days when my feet would start to heal, crack and be a royal pain in the achilles. I started all over about 3 days later, with the tub of hot water, my handy dandy foot scrub, and a soft hemp washcloth. When I was done massaging and scrubbing my feet they felt soft and silky smooth again. Which trust me, was a huge improvement!

Happy feet=a happy woman! Cant afford to go get a pedi these days, you can do one right at home with Naturally Me's Joyful Feet!

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