Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My birthday is coming and I am already shopping for myself on etsy!

Every year around this time I start to shop for myself online for my birthday. I have one of those families that gives money or gift cards, and since I dont shop at walmart or best buy, I choose the cash. Now it comes down to, what do I want to get for myself that I couldnt normally afford...So here's a list of this years dream birthday gifts!

This is such a cool idea, leave it to Vessels and Wares to come up with the perfect way to display your summer flowers!

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I LOVE GARLIC. I put garlic on everything, I would even try it on vegan ice cream!! So this garlic keeper from Vessels and Wares, would make the perfect gift for a gardenin', garlic lovin' gal like myself!

What kind of birthday would it be without some delicious truffles from Sweet Fritsy? These are seriously the best truffles that I have ever had, and I cant wait to get more.

I have had my eyes on this pair of shoes from Mohop for about a year now. Cute, stylish and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about these fabulous shoes! So versatile, these shoes come with 5 sets of ribbons that you choose, making it like buying 5 pair of new shoes! Not to mention the almost infinite ways you can tie these shoes, its like an entire shoe collection in one! What girl wouldnt want these for her birthday?

A nice new pair of earrings from Starrlight Jewelry is in my near future. A couple of months ago Starr and I did a trade, where I received the prettiest earrings. For once I can actually wear them without my ears hurting like crazy. Starr makes some really great jewelry and Ive done a handful of trades with her, but these earrings are by far my favorite!


  1. How have I never seen mohop's shoes??!! Oh dear. I'm in trouble now.

    Happy (almost) Birthday!!! Have fun spending that birthday cash!

  2. hahah thanks
    yeah mohop actually got on the front page on etsy tonight!!!!!!!
    i love the shoes, but i am broke broke broke hahah
    thanks for the birthday wishes

  3. Those are some beautiful choices. I received a small pottery piece from a vendor on etsy and I just love it. I think I would love the flower keeper. What a super way to display your floral arrangement.

  4. yeah i splurged on some bowls, a couple mugs and a big serving bowl from vessels and wares and they are AWESOME! I really want to get those 2 pieces
    to add to it!

  5. happy birthday! my panda fanatic roommate got a Morn Creations bag as birthday gift.
    she is just thrilled with it!
    Flor (floreshayes@gmail.com)