Thursday, July 16, 2009

Looking for a laugh, something to cheer me up, on a gloomy miserable day!

It is raining outside, again, we still havnt had a summer, and now I am having problems with my jaw. Who knows what it could be, but I am in P-A-I-N. So this morning I woke up, tried to eat some breakfast (my mouth barely opens) and now I am looking for funny shops to cheer me up! First thing I found while looking on Artfire was this funny little magnet, says it all about sisterhood!

This magnet really gave me a giggle so I decided to check out the rest of picardcreative's shop, and there are so many funny creative magnets that it was hard to choose which ones to include in this post!!

Also known as chub rub, this one just makes me laugh out loud!

This one really reminds me of my grandmother, she says shes too old for things she doesnt want to do, then the fun stuff....shes the perfect age for!!

Mommy Dearest! When I was young and my mother would yell at me, I would call her mommy dearest! I always loved that movie, and NO MORE WIRE HANGERSS! I used to try to get my mom to say it, then I would laugh and laugh and laugh, then rewind the movie and watch that part again and again!


  1. Oh, I LOVE the no wire hangers one!!

  2. its so awesome!!

    Makes me want to watch the movie again!!!