Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's so chilly in Ny that I've got lip balm on my mind!

Apparently here in the frozen tundra of Upstate NY, we wont be getting a summer this year! It has been cold and rainy, and well, just darn right miserable! As I write this I am wearing jeans and a sweater, on July 14th! What do I think of when I think of cold weather? I think of lip balm and moisturizing my kisser. Upon searching etsy, I have found some lip balms that are in need of trying!

The first shop I found offers "vegan lip sauce" haha what a creative name, made by Kennycoop Kennycoop offers a wide array of lip balms, along with candles and soy tarts.

I had the privilege of trading with Dirty Loves Clean , and let me tell you their mint chocolate is delicious, more ended up in my tummy than on my lips!

A while back I received some lip balm from Daisy Wares, it was the vanilla, and it was so nice for my tired dried out lips (winter in good ole NY), and it tasted great to boot!

Now I am not just your regular old lip balm lover, I make my own little slice of heaven too! Mine is made with all organic,vegan ingredients, and is more along the lines of a cure for chapped lips with peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Now is the time to prepare for winter, and have as many tubes and tins of chap stick laying around as possible, so you can lean over at any time and get a taste!


  1. I am addicted to lip balm!! Thanks so much for telling us about those shops.

  2. Nice selection of vegan lip balm. I love the ones that say 'Lip sauce' sounds so yummy.